Demon Slayer Chapter 100

Demon Slayer Chapter 100

Two months have passed since the end of the battle at Yoshiwara, Tokyo and Tanjiro Kamado has been unable to recover from his injuries due to the need for increased rest time. 

Goto reminds him of what he had said when they parted ways, that he would visit him again in two months, but there was no answer from Tanjiro, who was still unable to move from his bed in the Kansai region where he is recovering from his wounds.

Demon Slayer Chapter 100 Storyline

This chapter starts by showing one of the members of Kakushi. My name is goto. I worked as a member of the kakushi, the cleanup brigade of the demon hunters. 

I was the one who called kamado tanjuro out for sleeping during the pillar meeting, and I guess I’m somewhat connected to him. After all, I was the one who found them in the red lake district two months ago. They looked terrible as he saw them hugging each other. He thought man, this guy is truly our buddy that was going through my mind. But all three were pretty much out cold. 

Every time he sees the mask of inuzuka, he always asks what it is. I have no idea what that thing is. It seems like he is going to the room of the tangier. He continued they’re not only younger than me, but they also became swordsmen and fought with their lives. I honestly respect them, and that’s why I’m bringing some high-quality castelia. 

I’m doing my best not to couple it up right here, and now it’s a present. Since he’s still unconscious, I heard he has a good sense of smell, so maybe he’ll wake up if I put it close to him. As he arrived in Tanju’s room, he saw the doors open. As he entered, he saw the broken vase on the floor and thought, clean this up. Then he saw a canal inside the room and thought, Okanagan, you just do whatever you want. Don’t you? 

She’s an oddball since she doesn’t speak at all and she’s been slaying demons since childhood. Well, I can’t say anything since she’s higher ramp than me despite me being 23. Then he started cleaning the broken vase. He then spoke, and I brought some castelia over, so please clear the way so I can put it down. If it looks spoiled, just go ahead and eat it, and you’re hearing this. He said thank you so much as he heard. 

Tanjiro replied he had dropped the items. He was bringing and shouted as he woke up. Why aren’t you screaming? You’re an utter airhead. You’re supposed to call someone. He managed to regain consciousness. You Damas everyone’s words seek about him I don’t care if you’re my superior right now a Least hearing this canal looked sorry. he then went outside as he went outside boop keeping breath Kiyo chan sumichan nao chan AOI chan dangerous awake now then the three girls came and started crying. one said I’m so happy I’ll give you some red bean bread.” 

I replied that the castelia was falling off. On the next panel, we see someone entering the room of tanju covered with cloth. The girls shouted monsters as the cloth fell off and we saw aoisan. The girl said, oh, it’s just aoi-san caught up in the laundry. Then Ausan started crying and said I’m so glad you’re awake. You guys went to my place hearing this. 

Tanjua replied, thank you. are the others doing okay? Goto then replied to the blunt dude who left this place the day before. Yesterday he was back in service. He’s already out on a job, and he was screaming and crying. zimitsu-san woke up the day after the incident, and the sound pillar walked off on his own with his three wives. Supporting him, Onikakushi backed away from him because he was just way too tough. 

They were really scared. We then see uzoisan carried by his three wives after the fight with gyutaro, seeing that the kakushi were scared. One was saying oh, this guy can stand up on his own while the other said those are pretty bad injuries too. Hearing this, the tanger replied, oh, okay and inusuke. Then one of the girls with a sad face said inazuki-san was on the verge of death. 

At one point, we-san, while crying, said ibusuki-sand was in terrible condition. The poison had circulated through his body, so we were too late to stop the beating danger. Replied oh, okay then, I must be hallucinating inusuke clinging to the ceiling over there. 

Then all of them looked up and saw zuke on the roof goto shouted what is wrong with you, inosuke? Then I laughed. I’m impressed that you noticed that I am tan pachiro. Tanjiru replied, well, I’m lying face up. Then Inosuke fell on Tangier’s bed and continued I am the man who woke up seven days before you. 

Tanjore replied, oh, good for you, inusuke. Inosuke replied raise me some more, and you’re a feeble boy. You made me worry. One of the girls replied you’re not normal. shinobusama said that to herself,  then they showed a picture and said oh yeah, look at this tanjiru-san. 

On the next panel, we see a picture. One of the girls said it’s a weasel from overseas called honey badger. Its thick hide is like armor. It will be completely fine even if it fights a lion and poison doesn’t work on it. So it can also eat poisonous snakes. shinobu soma said inusuke-san is just like this thing. 

Hearing this dangerous laugh, then goto said kuchuzam was pretty random awi-san trying to pull inusuke said thinking about this guy is a pain in the butt though get off. inusuke then replied, so basically, I’m immortal, and someone replied, no, you’re just a- hearing this inusuke got mad. 

Who’s here, you asked? awi-san continued, yeah, you may have poison resistance, but you also resist the medicine we give, so be careful shinobu sama said this too. You keep forgetting everything. inosuka then replied, oh shut up, deep squeak, don’t pull on me. Hearing this, Ausan said, that you’re almost the same height as me. 

Hearing their conversation can now be said quite quietly. But they ignored her. Then the canal started to scream. Tangier fell asleep, so be quiet. Seeing this, Inosuke said oh no! He’s back in a coma. Alisan replied don’t say anything that will jinx him. Just be quiet. Then one of the girls talked to canal Khaosan, let’s go make some gruel. 

Canal replied okay, I really hope he can recover quickly so he can eat a lot. A week later, Tanjiru made a full recovery. We see Tanjiro playing with the three kids. goto receives a letter from kiyo saying, oh come on, you’re all freaks of nature. While one of the kakushi was sleeping, inusuke also went back to work on the next panel. 

We see tangible stretching. He said this sucks. yeah, my stamina is not coming back. I can’t stretch out flat. Oh, I know. Did I get a new sword while I was sleeping? I chipped my old one, hearing that the girls started sweating, then they replied, your sword! Well, Hagan zuka-san sent some letters. Would you like to see them? 

On the next panel, we see Tanju reading the letter with the words. I have no sword for you to go to hell. f-u-f-u-f-u you can go to hell. Hate hate hate! Singing the letter tangero looks scary. Yeah, this is not good. One of the girls said he hadn’t sent any swords here for the last two months. 

Danger replied oh, okay, but I only chip it this time. Maybe it’s because I actually broke it before. one of the girls replied, but people often damage their swords, right? Maybe aganizuka-san’s the one who’s being difficult here. Crunch crunch crunch crunch- while the girls are talking and they’re eating rice crackers. How about you? 

Head to the village. Crunch crunch crunch! I think you should meet him up in person and talk things out. kakushi replied, yeah, there is one. You’ll see a large house when you turn left there, and make sure to greet them first and foremost. Tantra replied, okay, nakakushi then said, well, I will be taking my leave now. 

Tanju replied, thank you so much, and it echoed thank you so much. Thank you so much. The one who heard the words of tanju in the hot springs is the love pillar kanroji mitsuri. The love pillar kanroji matsuri makes her appearance iN this journey a premonition of the trouble to come.


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