Mitsuri Demon Slayer

Mitsuri Demon Slayer

Mitsuri Kanroji is one of Demon Slayer’s most strong characters, but what are his talents and demon scars? Demon Slayer is the dark fantasy manga created by writer and illustrator Kohoharu Gotuga, who subsequently converted Ufotable into an animated series. Tanjiro Komodo, a teenager, arrives home from work one day to discover that most of his surviving sister Nesuko has become a member of a demon family that has been slain.

Mitsuri Kanroji’s Abilities and Demonic Scar

Mitsuri is sweet, sympathetic, and frequently childish, yet she is also excellent with a sword and possesses considerable physical power. Mitsuri can also move quickly and has higher flexibility, stability, and stamina. Mitsuri has amazing reflexes and is incredibly powerful owing to her unusual muscular structure, which means this implies she is eight times thicker than the average individual and can withstand stronger opponents’ blows.   However, because he is a Hashira and only has a breathing technique, Mitsuri’s technical version varies from that of other low-level assassins. 

Mitsuri’s technical version, on the other hand, varies from that of other low-level assassins because he is a Hashira with only a breathing technique. Mitsuri Kantrosei, one of the game’s most powerful characters, bears a demon, a scar or mole mark that only the most skilled warriors earn and refine in combat. 

The Missouri Demon Mark appears as two hearts with wings above his left collarbone. Mitsuri’s present abilities are increased, as is his already excellent physical strength, and he receives new abilities.

Blade Whip Nichirin: The Mitsuri Kanoji Sword as Used in Whip Love Hashira Demon Slayer Mitsuri Kanroji Nichirin Mitsuri Kanoji fights with the Nichirin Bladed Whip, a long, flexible whip-like blade derived from the fire-breathing Breath of Love. In Demon Slayer, the majority of the Demon Slayer Corps fight with Nichirin swords.

Hashira, on the other hand, has a wide range of swords that differ from the standard katana design. Tengen Usui’s cleavers are connected together like mosquitoes, whereas Shinobu Kochu’s sword has a smaller blade with wisteria poison added to it. Mitsuri fights from a distance, making her Nichirin Whip the most effective weapon. This sword can only be utilized by Mitsuri, who can cut electricity and sound waves created by a powerful demon.

Mitsuri Kanoji’s part in the Swordsmen’s Village plot

Mitsuri Konroji will appear in Demon Slayer Season 3’s Walsmith Village storyline as Renko and Usui from the Mugen Train and Entertainment District arcs. She is the great Hashira, and she tutors Tanjiro and his comrades, assisting them in the diabolical fights that are, of course, a part of Demon Slayer Season 3. Tokito, Mitsuri occupy more room than previous Hashiras. The famed bathtub scene performed by Mitsuri Kanoji is included in the Blacksmith’s Sword Village storyline, and some viewers object to its risk.


When Musan interrupts her, she orders Obanai not to take the others out of the combat and not to help. Despite her shyness and nervousness, Mitsuri is usually nice to others, notably Obanai, with whom she appears to have a deep relationship. She is extremely devoted to the demon killer. Musan was anxious to return and battle despite being taken out of commission during the early stages of their struggle.

Missouri joins the Corps in order to find a good husband due to marital discontent.who is stronger than her, a challenging undertaking that gives her an astounding degree of physical power.  When she joined the Corps, she was filled with remorse for becoming a demon slayer who ate far less than normal. With the help of Shinobu Koch and Obanai Iguro, she was able to conquer her feelings.

Mitsuri, in addition to his sensitive demeanor, has the appearance of a child at times. When the Demon Slayer asks her to describe the process of receiving a grade, she uses noises and voices to do it. She is an extremely kind person who constantly expresses her affection for people in a way that is appropriate for her Hashira rank. She can become thrilled after a fight with Goko and Hantengu, gathering her buddies for a big group hug.

When Musan interrupts her, she instructs Obanai not to remove the others from the fight and not to assist. She begs Oban to return and save her life.

Mitsuri’s Skills

General skills: Mitsuri is an extremely powerful and skillful fighter as Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps.  He is believed to have finished the final selection in only six months of training, which Kizer Renko regards as the finest. During the Swordsman Village arc, he rapidly battled and vanquished a group of monsters produced by the high-ranking fifth Joko, who subsequently became a dominant force in a fight against the high-ranking Fourth Hantengu. Will play a role, particularly his clone.  Mitsuri was able to defend an extremely powerful high rank with his Demon Slayer Mark until daylight. Mitsuri battled with the newly promoted Fourth Nakim during the Infinity Castle arc. After that, she was able to use an unexpected technique on Demon King Musan Kibutsuji himself, allowing him to participate in the Battle of Sunrise.

Abnormal Muscular Structure: Mitsuri’s muscles have a unique structure that makes them eight times denser than regular human muscles. He possesses extraordinary power and stamina even when his limbs are small, allowing him to preserve his body composition despite Johakuten’s point-blank sound strike. Mitsuri consumes three sumo wrestlers every day to maintain his body composition.

Demon Slayer Mark: Missouri passes out during a confrontation with a high-ranking Hong Kong clone of Sohakuten and is given the Demon Slayer Mark, which is two upside-down hearts facing each other.   Angel wings are evident on either side of her her neck, adjacent to her collarbone, where the points of two hearts are visible. Mitsuri’s physical strength, stamina, precision, and strength rose substantially when it emerged, and she was able to stand on equal footing with Sohakuttan while unleashing her most devastating techniques against him.

Increased Flexibility: Mitsuri’s physique was highly flexible, allowing him to move more freely. She blends her natural flexibility into her love breathing methods and effectively strikes and counterattacks using sohakuttan techniques. Mitsuri’s extraordinary flexibility is further demonstrated by his nichirin-like blade, a whip with incredible elasticity.


Members of the Demon Slayer Corps are Hashira combatants who are classified depending on their abilities and experience. Hashira is a Mitsuri Kanoji from Demon Slayer who appeared in the 44th episode of the Demon Slayer manga and the 21st episode of Ufotable Animation.


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