Need Reasons to Switch to DISH TV?

Need Reasons to Switch to DISH TV

There is no denying the fact that TV is an essential part of our lives, and for the past few years, it has undergone tremendous changes. Cutting the cable cord has been a hot topic as more and more people are driven toward streaming service platforms.Thus, the TV industry has become quite competitive. There are hundreds of live and on-demand streaming platforms that one can choose for entertainment purposes. Each platform differs in terms of features, content, and money. So, choose a TV service provider quite carefully after all it is about your entertainment and one cannot compromise on it.

If you are looking to watch a plethora of channels without breaking the bank, then you should subscribe to DISH TV. It uses satellite technology to deliver its services to your home. If you choose satellite TV, you can even watch your favorite shows even if you live in a remote area. If you want to know why you should choose DISH, then give this blog a good read.


DISH TV is a satellite TV service that began its operations in 1996 and has improved its service. There are 8 million subscribers of this network as it offers a comprehensive list of channels that families can binge on. It has also introduced its DISH Anywhere application so you can access content from any device.

It offers a variety of TV plans to choose from which means that it gives plenty of choices so you can personalize your channel lineup with some premium add-ons. This makes it possible for every customer to have access to incredible quality content. Thus, its innovative offerings and revolutionary features make it the pioneer of entertainment.

Better than Cable TV

DISH TV is better than cable TV as it provides advanced satellite TV services. It offers higher HD or 4K content to enhance your viewing experience.

Number of Channels

Since on-demand streaming services offer a limited number of shows and movies. But, unlike them, DISH TV offers hundreds of live TV channels as well as on-demand titles so you can never get bored. It shows some of the top American channels, such as HGTV, BBC America, CNN, Disney, FOXFood Network, and so on. Different TV packages are available for customers, so you can choose any package that suits your entertainment needs. The basic plan offers 190 channels for only $69.99 per month. While the top tier offers 290+ channels for only about $104.99 per month. DISH Network channel guide also offers premium add-ons! There is no denying the fact that it is a complete entertainment hub. However, you have to pay for them if you still want more! So everyone in the family can watch the content they like.

No Internet Required

If you choose streaming services, you must have access to a stable internet connection. But, you can always watch satellite TV without an internet connection. However, you can only watch live content, but you should have access to an internet connection for on-demand content.

Advanced Technology

Unlike traditional satellite services, DISH TV uses advanced satellite technology, so only the worst storms can affect its signal quality. Moreover, once the storm has passed, the connection is restored immediately. But, streaming services rely completely on internet technology, which is more prone to weather or cable breakage issues. However, one can use mobile data to view the content, but the viewing experience will be affected at large.

Exceptional Customer Service

Contacting the cable or streaming service providers is fairly difficult as they either do not offer 24/7 support or one can only email them. However, despite top-notch quality services, DISH TV also takes pride in offering great customer service. Since the streaming industry is highly competitive, DISH TV wants to retain customers by catering to their queries instantly. To reach out to the support team, simply dial 1-855-349-9328.

Compatible with Several Devices

Despite being a satellite service, you do not have to stick to your couch if you are planning to watch its content. The DISH Anywhere application helps you watch content on any device you want. It supports devices such as phones, tablets, Fire TV, or Android TV device. Yes, you can watch sports, movies, TV shows, and everything else that is included in your service.

Moreover, you can also record directly from your mobile device. The recordings can also be transferred from a DVR to a mobile device without internet access.

In Brief

Choosing the right streaming platform can be daunting, as numerous platforms exist today. As television seems to be the most important part of our homes, you should choose streaming platforms wisely. We highly recommend choosing DISH TV as it offers exceptional services to its customers. Due to its quality services, it remains the top streaming choice of Americans.


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