350Z Rear Bumber

350Z Rear Bumber

The Nissan 350Z rear bumper is an eye-catching addition to any vehicle. With its sleek design and bold lines, it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go. It adds a sporty and stylish look to your 350Z, while also providing superior protection from rear-end collisions. 

Overview of the 350Z Rear Bumper

The 350Z Rear Bumper is a great addition to any vehicle, providing an extra layer of protection from scratches and dings. This part is manufactured from durable ABS plastic and is designed to fit most Nissan 350Z models. The bumper is designed to fit snugly to the rear of the car and is secured with included hardware.

The bumper is finished in a deep black color for a sleek, stylish look. Additionally, the bumper features a built-in spoiler for improved aerodynamics and increased downforce. Along with its sleek design, the bumper is also equipped with a set of mounting holes for a variety of aftermarket accessories. With its unique styling and robust construction, the 350Z Rear Bumper is a great addition to any car.

Advantages of a 350Z Rear Bumper

A 350Z rear bumper serves as a cosmetic and protective feature for the back of the vehicle. It’s an essential part of the overall design that can make a big difference in the look and feel of the car. The 350Z rear bumper offers many advantages that are worth considering. Firstly, it provides an aesthetically pleasing look as it helps to complete the overall design of the car.

Secondly, the bumper helps to protect the vehicle from low-speed bumps and scrapes that may occur when parking or driving in tight spaces. It also helps to reduce the amount of damage caused by minor collisions. Finally, the bumper helps to reduce air drag, which increases the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. All in all, a 350Z rear bumper is a great addition to the car that offers many benefits.

Installing a 350Z Rear Bumper

Installing your 350Z rear bumper is a relatively straightforward process that can be done with basic tools and a few hours of your time. To begin, you’ll need to locate the manufacturer’s installation instructions for your specific model and make sure you have the necessary tools for the job. Once you have the instructions, you’ll need to remove the existing bumper from your 350Z, which requires loosening and removing the screws and bolts that hold it in place.

After this, you can install the new 350Z rear bumper by lining up the mounting holes and securing the bumper with the screws and bolts provided. If you haven’t done this type of installation before, it may be helpful to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or enlist the help of a professional. Once the 350Z rear bumper is installed, you can enjoy the improved look and performance of your car.

Maintenance and Care for the 350Z Rear Bumper 

When it comes to maintaining and caring for the 350Z rear bumper, the most important thing is to keep it clean. Regularly washing and waxing the bumper can help to protect it from the elements and help it look its best. Taking the time to inspect the bumper for any chips, scratches, or other damage can help to prevent any larger damage from occurring.

If any damage is found, it is best to address it as soon as possible in order to avoid any further damage. Additionally, it is important to check the bumper for rust or corrosion as well. If rust or corrosion is found, it is best to address the issue as soon as possible in order to prevent it from spreading. Taking a few preventive steps can help to ensure that the 350Z rear bumper is well-maintained and cared for.


The 350Z Rear Bumper is an essential part of the 350Z which not only provides protection to its back end but also adds to its style. With its sleek design, it gives the 350Z a sporty and modern look. Its durable construction makes it a reliable and long-lasting addition to the vehicle, and its affordability makes it a great value for money. Overall, the 350Z Rear Bumper provides both practical protection and an attractive design, making it a great choice for any 350Z owner.

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